Focus on growing your business while VIA seamlessly manages your sales and marketing materials inventory and distribution.

VIA provides clients with an efficient, cost effective solution to store marketing and sales materials and distribute materials to customers, sales reps and dealers, sales partners, and end user locations. From a single piece to a custom built kit, VIA's clients rely on us to get it there quickly and accurately.

Sales Reps count on us for easy ordering and timely delivery of marketing materials and promotional items, so they can focus on selling.

Sales and Product Management count on us to “watch their backs” and to manage the logistics of orders, distributions, and inventory, so that they can focus on strategy and growth.

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VIAOnline™ is a powerful, intuitive online order entry and inventory management system available only to VIA customers. Its streamlined request processing and inventory reporting offer an unparalleled resource for both representatives and management! Learn more!

VIA's Fulfillment Services include:

Warehousing Promotional Item Assembly Inquiry Response
Online Ordering Binder Assembly POA Preparation
Online Inventory Management POP Assembly Re-labeling and Repacking
Product Fulfillment Collation Gift Card Fulfillment
Literature Fulfillment Kit Building Redemption Verification
Premium Fulfillment Shrink Wrapping Redemption Fulfillment
Sales Force Distribution Convention Material Handling Lead Management

Spotlight On Dependable Distribution

The Vice President of Sales of a major pharmaceutical company had a problem: His sales reps, numbering over a thousand strong, were complaining. Their job was to visit physicians to discuss and sell the company's products, using collateral materials as important teaching tools. The reps worked from home and were unable to store large quantities of material, so they depended on shipments delivered on a per-request basis from a fulfillment company. Too often, the material failed to arrive, and the reps were going to their appointments empty-handed.

VIA solved the problem by connecting all of the sales reps to its online ordering system, VIAOnlineTM, giving them real-time access to inventory and instantaneous communication with VIA's fulfillment operations. Under VIA's management, collateral materials are shipped within 24 hours of requests, and the sales reps arrive at their appointments fully equipped with materials they need.

The bottom line: Prepared sales reps are generating more business.